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A season for vintage

I think it's gonna be a very, very vintage autumn (and maybe winter) for me this year... sometimes, it just all comes together. Searching Etsy for one thing led to another which... to make it short, I am right now waiting for more than one 1940s dress (plus a suit) to arrive. Plus I am still working on the skirt for a 50s suit after an original pattern (whilst mom is working on the jacket).
Then Nicole's post on her adventures in vintage hairstyling had me think back to... heat curlers, and made me decide to not go to the hairdresser after all. I don't think I've found the right styling product yet, and my hair is still a bit short for curlers, but I *think* I'm getting there. At least it's worth a try. I need a change of look every now and then, and I have been feeling lately that it's been overdue - either it would be back to the shorter hairstyle like I had last year around this time, or something new would have to happen. I get bored of my current hairstyle at regular intervals it seems.
Now I just need to get the furniture in my bedroom into shape (time to introduce more style to the place!) and things are gonna look great all over. I need something to look forward to - it's gonna be another heavy season at work I fear...


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