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Do the Di-style - and carry your lunch to work in style too!

Just a short blurb today. Schlepping a big trash bag full of clothes to the Caritas shop was a little tiring, I admit. Just glad it's not further away! To make my day, I have just received the cutest little vintage summer dress - it just needs a little bit ironing, but sewing, mending and all that is on the list today anyway! Will post pics later on - right now, it's still a bit too light. This beauty came to me from Joules Vintage - she has an Etsy shop selling all sorts of vintage things, and she's a VFG member too!

Digging through my sewing and craft things (which take up quite a lot of space here), I came across two patterns that my mom bought for me more for fun some 15 years ago or so... they're copies of evening dresses Lady Diana wore, though two of them are more variations of those styles. Of course they couldn't mention her, but the illustrations speak for themselves. I have since put them into my Etsy shop, for as fun as they are, I'm not going to use them. But someone will certainly enjoy these.
On another note, my new lunch bag has arrived! As I cook a lot myself and take lunch with me to work (and pop it into the microwave), I need something in which I can carry my lunch standing straight, and if a book fits in there too, that's even better! Thanks to a tip from a Facebook friend, I got to know Bazura Bags. They make all sorts of lunch, shopping and whatever else-bags out of used juice containers in the Philippines. I think it's a nice way of recycling, and the bags look really fun and colorful. Plus, the lunch bag is just the right size, and it's closed, so when it's raining, it keeps the rain out too! It's a fact, there are people at the office, who know me only for or because of my lunch bag!

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