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I've been blogged!

Last year I bought a set of souvenir plates, because one of them was the Vermont plate that matched the pair that I already had.

Now today I got a convo on Etsy from someone asking me for some high-resolution pictures of one of the plates in the set - the one showing the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver. And he also asked on maker's details (interestingly enough, the maker's mark on the back is from a Bavarian company!). It turns out he has a very interesting blog called Illustrated Vancouver, which is just about depictions of Vancouver in all kinds of art, and he had just blogged a series of Vancouver souvenir plates. So, down to the basement I went, searching through two boxes full of stuff ready for the flea markets, to send some photos to Canada. And voilĂ , it has been blogged already at Now, how cool is that? I find this is such a great idea! The blog has also been featured here. Gee, I love these colorful stickers and pins - anybody who knows me know that this is right up my street!

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