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Round-up: great finds, great stuff in the shop, and more vintage fun.

Ok, so I've been lazy of late. Just no time to write... sorry! But - I have a new project. Just wait!

First on - my "crusade". First, after the other replies I'd mentioned, I had only one more, from one of the big-big chains, apologizing and thanking me for bringing this to my attention. The other international (Scandinavian) companies didn't care a tick. So much for that. What did come up though was that the publisher of the magazine had replied to me! His reply was forwarded to me by the very nice lady of the above-mentioned chain. I swear, I never got any of his e-mails. They must have landed in some spam filter. This never having happened to me before, I honestly doubt that the spam filter on my side was the problem... Whatever, they apogized etc. and it seems the magazine was actually pulled out of the shops, because not even the Press Council could get their hands on it anymore after they got my message. The publisher has no promised me that there would be an apology in their next issue, which I think should be out soon, as autumn has started. I do hope they do it!

If you visited my Etsy shop in the mean time, you may have noticed some fabulous sewing accessories and other accessories there. In fact, it has quite been the summer for accessories!
 I was able to get my hands on a lot of utterly fabulous 1920s-50s buckles, collars and dickeys, all new old stock, this summer! Well, some buttons too, but more about that later. Some of the collars and jabots have already gone, sold almost immediately to someone who said this was one of their favorite looks. Well, I'm glad they went somewhere where they're appreciated and worn. However, there are still some dickeys and modesty panels that are absolutely fabulous: And if you still need a fab 1930s Art deco belt buckle, check them out now:! Aren't they just awesome? There's also a heap of Vintage Vogue sewing patterns, all uncut, if you need to make that chic outfit.

I of course also bought some things for my own collection...

  How about this pristine 1920s dress insert? So chic! Or a cheecky jabot? And THE most fabulous 1930s plastic buckles. Not bakelite, they are all very light, but aren't they great? Also, there were some fabulous glass and metal or plastic buttons:
I also went to Vienna again for a week, and there my friend got her hand on a big bag full of buttons, from the estate of a lady who was a seamstress. We spent some two hours sitting on the floor and sorting them out... I took these home in the end:
Some are glass, but most are plastic, and some of them feature quite the same style as some of the buckles! It was just so fascinating to see all these things coming together!

For more vintage fun this summer, I also found some incredibly fab vintage to wear in Vienna. In fact, I think this was my best haul ever! True to the old adage that you never know with Humana, I found all the good stuff bar one piece in those shops that do not usually carry vintage per se - vintage pieces older than the 70s turning up at those is not the rule... But then it's the same as with collectiong dolls - the thrill of the hunt is what makes half the fun, not just the wearing it or having it!
Ca. 1960s blue nylon tricot slip by Gara of Italy. Every Humana shop had a bevy of these in all colors of the pastel rainbow - they must have come out of some old shop stock. All paper tags were still attached.
A super tiny looking 1940s summer dress, that I didn't even dare to try to wiggle into at the shop, where I found it on the last day. But the price was too reasonable (for once) not to take it. The material is probably some rayon/cotton blend, with embroidered-on flowers. The dress speaks of material shortness all over - it's quite short, though it was probably made for someone shorter than me, with very narrow seams, and a blue zipper (which looks original) in the black dress... I paired it with a pair of Chie Mihara platform sandals, that look a bit retro. It's very flattering with a swingy dress, puffy sleeves and a well-accentuated waist. Just what I love about 1940s looks! 

This incredible dress hung on a rack full of crazy 1980s evening wear - lots of black poly, stretch, velvet, gold and other color lamé... The side opening with the small snaps was on my side of the rack, and was what actually made me look twice! It didn't look like a lot on the hanger, but when I put it on, I knew I had a winner! It's a very sexy black evening dress, nicely made, ca. 1930s-40s, with a slinky bias-cut skirt. It may have been that this once had long sleeves that were removed at some point. Plus in the back near the hem, there are a few small holes - somebody must have stepped on it! However, I think I can fix this and I am holding on this, as it is the perfect black evening dress! And with my secondhand Ferragamo evening shoes, there will be no danger of me treading on the skirt too ;-).

Ultimately wearable for work is also this blue sheath dress, ca. 1960s. So comfortable and good looking! The material is probably some mix, I had no luck with the burn test... There's a few small holes that needed mending (and yes, it has been to the freezer to make sure nothing happens!), but otherwise it's perfect.

Also, for the first time, I have dared to buy two vintage dresses just for the purpose of re-selling! They were too nice (and too nicely prices) not to take! From the same dubious rack as the black evening dress came this black 1950s crepe dress. It is super-elegant and gracious I think - and an unusual XL size! Probably made by a seamstress, with self-covered buttons decorated with glass beads. Wow! Now available in my shop here:

And here's a late 1960s brocade evening dress, also incredibly beautifully made by a pro. Check it out here:

To top it all off, it was of course also Indianapolis in Oerlikon again! Of course I was wearing vintage! You already know this dress of course. There's nothing like a vintage cotton frock for a hot summer's day...

And for more vintage transport geekery... it was also the big celebration (Pistenfest) at the regional airstrip at Birrfeld. And there my dad and I got the chance to go on a scenic fligh on a Junkers JU-52! How great is that? She's a bit of a metal can, good old "Auntie Ju", but considering the recent exploit of another of Ju-Air's Jus, in flying all the way to L.A. and back without a bit of trouble (see, this just goes to show how well solid old engineering can go! And it was great fun, wow!

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