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Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - No. 8, 23rd February

So here we are again. I'm a bit late, I admit (due to work), but the nice thing is, I've now caught up with the year! Since I'm also off on my well-earned holiday tomorrow, I'll be keeping things a bit shorter today!
Oh, look at that cover - isn't it utterly gorgeous? Love everything about it. The easy, casual hairstyl (not what you usually seen in 40s photos!) and the simple, classic dress (by Nabholz). Everything about this is so timeless! And yes, I absolutely want THIS dress ;-).

The fashion
More knitting patterns... vests, sweaters, cardis, a school girl dress - and crocheted stockings no less! I admit this is something I've not yet seen before!


Pretty tea-dresses - just what I like! 

More chic things for spring! A suit, a raincoat and a casual, sporty jacket that closes only with a belt, called a "Canadienne", and made from corduroy.

Interesting women
An illustrator of children's books. She didn't just draw, she actually produced collages with real little chains and such things! I think this looks great. 

Marina Viorica Nicolescu - deputy premier of Romania at the time. Certainly something very unusual then! 

This'n that
Winter in the rather remot Safien Valley. You can also read up more about it here:

Peace conference at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, Swiss championships in figure skating, death of French pilot Maryse Hilsz, Field Marshal Montgomery in Switzerland, Miss Wyschinski, daughter of the deputy foreign minister of Russia (see also, who apparently made quite an impression in London with her clothes and hairstyles!

Kleenex! Love her turban!
 A Steinfels soap ad, showing their factory in Zurich. Why am I including this? Because where that factory used to be (and a lot of other factories and industrial complexes) is now Zurich's "in" place. Read more about it here: - it's now home to the Abaton (or Cinemax as it was) cinema and was one of the first bits of this area that were re-developed. Steinfels produced well-known products like Maga or Niaxa.

 Good old Maggi had been around for decades even then!
 A big automatic watch ad on the back of the magazine!

Slimming ad
Nothing new in this issue - just good old Orbal (did they ever give up?)!

Breast enhancment ad
Rondoform wasn't going to give up either! But it seems they printed a different ad in every issue! It again talks about the important hormones in the pills (ugh) and a photo was added too...

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