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Vintage inspirations - August 2013

There's so much inspiration to be found in vintage, that I thought I would share this'n that on this blog every now and then.

If the 60s and 70s are your "thing", you might like the film "Cloclo" (or "My Way"). It's a biopic on French pop superstar Claude François. Though there are some mistakes here and there, but all in all I liked the costumes (yes, there are sequinned suits in there!), and the lead actor, Jéremie Regnier, is certainly worth watching - the likeness is uncanny, and his performance is just great. A word of warning though, it's a long one at two and a half hours, and it's not a a cinematographic master piece but a pretty conventional biopic.

If you struggle with cleaning vintage clothing, here's some great advice: 9 Must Have Products For Cleaning Vintage Clothing by Debutante Clothing.

Jewelry is your thing? I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum in London last winter and was blown away by their jewelry exhibit, which is nothing short of amazing. Even better, you can look at it online in detail! Speaking of the V&A, during my recent trip to Australia, I managed to see the wonderful exhibition about quilts from 1700 to 1945 at the Art Gallery of Queensland in Brisbane. Most of the exhibits are from the V&A. The work that went into these is just mind-blowing!

Of course I also looked at one or the other vintage or thrift shop in OZ, as far as time allowed. In Noosa I unexpectedly found vintage at Noosa Longboards, the premier surf shop in town. They have a nice selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts. The shop is run by hard-core surfers, and one of the guys told me all about vintage shirt sizing, obviously from personal experience. They also sell nice retro shirts and other surf related retro stuff. In the end, I bought this cute shirt which, although a man's, was a nice small size:
It's by Hukilau Fashions, cotton, and has nice metal buttons. It features typical polynesian themes like an outrigger boat, a drummer, a warrior figure - reminds me of French Polynesia!

If you ever head to the tropical city of Darwin, may I suggest that you have a look into the Vintage Twist clothing shop. This lovely little shop has both vintage and retro clothing, and is a little hidden away, but very appropriately in the Star Village Mall, the location that was once home to Darwin's Star Theatre. The courtyard is decorated with plaques and artifacts tracing the cinema's history. On the outer side of the courtyard, on Smith Street Mall, there's also a wonderful used book shop that's perfectly inviting to nose around. And if all that shopping has totally exhausted you, head for the Four Birds Café inside the courtyard, it's a beautiful tranquil spot for a cold drink and bite to eat:

If looking for vintage beyond clothing, may I also suggest some ideas from my shop? I have some great decorative items in my shop too like cute kitschy souvenir plates, some books - and this wonderful pierrot doll:

And if you the still hot summer weather is getting to you and you're looking for the solution to what to wear underneath that light suit, may I suggest the old-fashioned solution of a half blouse? There are some NOS available in my shop:

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