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1930s fashions from Record - the sewing magazine from Vienna

A different kind of sewing magazine post for today... Besides my year of Meyers Modeblatt, I have been acquiring quite a few other vintage sewing magazines too lately, to add to my existing collection. So I want to share some other fab magazines with you as well.

Up for today is "Record", a magazine from Austria. This issue is, judging by the fashions, ca. mid-1930s, however, the magazine continued after the war, as I have a 1950s issue as well, which I will be showing in a separate post. This monthly magazine contains little else beyond wonderful fashion illustrations to promote the patterns, that you could then order by mail. There are a few ads, but it's not a fully-flung women's magazine like Meyers - or like Brigitte. As an added bonus, it contains a sheet with patterns though, all for outfits that are depicted in the magazine. I love the illustrations, they are beautiful and clear, showing 30s fashion at it's best. This issue is in wonderful condition, almost like new, and I will treasure this!

The cover is already gorgeous:

 The pattern sheet - looks no different than later ones.
 Promoting further seasonal issues of "Record".

  Summer dresses made from washable fabrics!
 Dresses for teenagers on the right page.
 New blouses and light summer coats.

Even better - some pages are in color!

Evening wear too!
Beach wear - playsuits, coverups, beach pajamas - and "practical garden dresses". One of them has a zip down the front - how modern!
 Larger size fashions.
 Suits, skirts, blouses - and a bevy of pretty dickeys and collars!

How fun is that - a lederhosen suit in crochet!

 And some dirndls - because you just can't do without them in Austria.


  1. Fantastic! I will come back and peek at this time and time again! Thank you!

  2. How beautiful! My favorite is the page of beachwear... Thanks so much for sharing this treasure!

  3. Beautiful. That pattern maze makes my eyes cross, though!