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Valentine's Day is coming...

Valentine's day is not a "big" thing around here in Switzerland as maybe in other places. Being single, it doesn't really touch me ;-), but there are some fun things out there and everybody is certainly gearing up for it!

Now, if you want to celebrate Valentine's day in vintage style, why not check out what the members of the Vintage Fashion Guild have on offer:

In my own shop, I haven't got anything much Valentine's day themed at the moment, but over the years I have had some amazing things go through my hand:
The most amazing thing certainly was this huge ca. 1950s valentine's day card, which included a heart-shaped powder compact on a red satin "cushion"!

This photo is pretty old - therefore, please excuse the bad quality... one of my first vintage dresses ever, courtesy of good old Steinberg & Tolkien of London... I never had any use for it, therefore I sold it in the end, but at the time I was just amazed by it! It was just polyester, nothing high quality, but it had a boned bodice and a tulle crinoline. It was also super long, as you can see - and I was wearing super high heels with that. But if any dress ever had "Valentine's Day" written all over it, this certainly was it!

Artist Tiffany Gholar of Studio 632F, who does amazing photographic art with Barbie dolls amongst other things, has produced some amazing photos to announce an event at her studio:
And yes, that's Midge smooching Ken...!
I follow her blog here and there since a friend told me to have a look at her amazing Barbie doll photo art, which always comes with a twist: 

Something else I found to add... German Vogue from October 1982 touts red as THE color - also in make-up. These two examples look just right for Valentine's Day - especially with those heart-shaped earrings added... if you dare!

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