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The VFG's Petition to Request Exemption of Vintage & Antique Goods from Paypal's Nov Update

Here's an important message from the Vintage Fashion Guild. I think it is important to anybody who deals with vintage or antique items, not just limited to fashion. Please read this through and sign the petition.
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We, the undersigned, hereby petition PayPal to exempt sales of vintage and
antique goods from the upcoming November 18, 2014 policy update
( This impending policy update will increase the
time to file a merchandise dispute for "item not received" or "item not as
described" from the current 45 days to 180 days.

Vintage and antique goods are delicate and fragile and often require careful
handling and storage. It is important that purchases be opened, inspected, and
then properly stored within a reasonable time-frame to ensure they remain in the
condition they were sent. Not doing so can compromise the goods and even cause
them to deteriorate. This new policy removes the sense of urgency in taking care
of a vintage or antique item soon after its delivery and allows too long of a
time window for the item to sit in its packaging and potentially become damaged
by rough handling, extreme temperature changes, etc. Simply put, Paypal's new
policy will be overly burdensome and possibly disastrous to those who sell
vintage and antique goods online. To expect a seller to refund for claims for
vintage and antique goods that have been out of their possession for 180 days is

We believe that PayPal, when creating this new policy, may not have considered
the special situations that could occur with the sale of vintage and antique
goods and we formally request that these type of sales continue to be governed
by PayPal's current 45 day policy which is fair to both buyers and sellers.

We sincerely thank you for your consideration of this critical matter.

Please click here to get to to sign:

Thank you for your support!

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