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Cocktail Hour or Shark Pond?

So, let's try and start this... I am in the process of re-organising my doll collection. I'm about halfway down and I still have some ideas at the back of my head that I've never done. Hope I can realise it all!

So, newest one: looks like the cocktail hour, but maybe it's a shark pond underneath? (Fashion trivia - can you spot the teen pop star's outfit?) At first I had thought of a "Gentleman's Club" - something along the line of James Bond and a posse of sexy ladies... (no, I have no time for chauvinists, but you gotta take some things with your tongue firmly locked in your cheek - and I would certainly have poked some fun at James in some way) however, I needed to put more dolls into this and I realised I'd need some furniture that I'd first have to buy, make, make over, whatever - so I did some make do with what I have.

Agnes seems to be in a perennial bad mood... is she really just powdering her nose, or is she using that age-old trick of watching what's going on behind her back in her powder compact's mirror? With the enigmatic Ms. von Weiss, ya never know... Or is she just keeping near that bottle of vodka?

Holly and her friend definitely are watching the goings-on - no excuse, there's a scandal brewing for sure!

Midge isn't always too keen on these kind of jobs, but at least tonight the entertainment is good!

And these two? As detached as they may look... and as much as they give themselves an air of being above this all... they're watching too! Honestly, Dawn thinks, who cares about who paid for Valia's new mink if HE is ogling THAT woman...!

Now, who's HE looking at?

Kyori? Well, she certainly has pizzazz! And a silk dress by Créations Clo will always steal the spotlight...

Or Grace? Of course she's wearing Dior - she wouldn't dream about wearing any other designer! But honestly, who wears a hat these days?

And what might THEY be thinking? Well, Diane certainly cares more about these two gentlemen than the drama that is unfolding just before her nose. So, who's it going to be? Oh dear - the choices a girl's got to make these days!

Asha, soberly but no less attractively dressed in FR Couture, is keeping quiet. Nobody needs to know she's got a teeny tiny little tape recorder running in that handbag! In her head, she's already composing tomorrow's headline for the "Inquirer". It's gonna be another long night, she knows, even as you can't turn up at an event like this and drink nothing - or only water - HORROR!

Mhhh... I'd definitely opt for the shark pond here! But before the scandal explodes, I'll say good night. 'til next time!


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