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Opening night at the Opera

It's the opening night at the opera, so of course the ladies have decked themselves out with only the very best! If you wonder why there are so many more ladies attending than gentlemen - well, that mightjust have something to dowith the singer in the male lead role!

"Carmen" is on tonight, and to get people in the mood, two flamenco dancers have been engaged.

Kenzie, who thinks she's a Carrie Bradshaw-lookalike, has of course chosen a vintage dress, as her idol surely would too - a slinky, sexy 1980s number.

Barbie wears the appropriately named "Diva Supreme" dress from the couture collection by Fashion Avenue (btw - this is one of my childhood dolls whom I've given a new "life" by exchanging her worn out doll body with a new one, refreshing her makeup and giving her a new hairdo that hides how much hair I pulled out by playing and restyling her hair constantly - as much as I loved her, she had to endure a lot!).

Belinda is still wearing her long opera coat... now what might be hiding underneath? Her friend went for short and glittery - might that get her noticed by the guys?

Michelle has opted for a sexy pouf dress by Dressmaker Details - she can afford not only that but also the jewelery to go with it! The attendants handing out the programs have been dressed in toreador outfits - even the girls!

Now, Teresa's dress looks she might have had it in her closet for a few years - oh those early 90s, when everything was just a tad too much!

Pouf dresses seem to be all the rage this season! Sindy might not usually be considered a fashion plate, but she has caught the trend in her creation by Robert Tonner!

Chelsie and Alexandra have gone for Fashion Avenue (but the off-the-rack variety, no couture...) too... a student like Chelsie can't afford more, the ticket has been expensive enough! But she wouldn't dream of missing THIS performance, even if this dress has been to the opera a few times before. Who cares anyway? Alexandra is a bit more conscious though - hopefully nobody notices where her dress is from!

Shelagh though wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing the same dress twice! She's wearing the latest by Jason Wu. Not that she has heard of him before... but if the First Lady wore a dress by him to the inaugural ball, he must be hot!

Kira has opted for a classic vintage dress and big statement jewelery.

Now, Nichelle is sure she has the handsomest guy of them all! And while she hasn't been able to find a vintage dress that fits her, at least she managed to find something retro. She might just be a little jealous of the ladies who actually wear vintage...

Sea foam-green looks best on a redhead, no doubt! One-shouldered dresses were everywhere at the Academy Awards, and she loves nothing better - nobody needs to know after all that she found this beauty at the thrift shop!


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