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More from my "crusade"

So, more to update on my "crusade"! I just got the next reply, which turned out to be a two-in-one! It came from the shop chain from whose shop we'd picked the magazine up. Again, a very nice message, apologizing for the content and that they had no influence on the content of the magazine, but that they distance themselves from this and don't approve of such things. Also, they had taken consequences, which I guess refers to withdrawing the magazine from their shops. What's even more interesting, she was able to forward to me copy of e-mails that the publisher of the magazines had sent to me in reply to my two messages!
I swear, I never received them, they never landed in any of my spam filters, and I couldn't find that e-mail address in any of my blocked lists! But the only explanation is, that they got stuck somewhere in some filter - be it from the sender's side, or be it from Yahoo on my side, though I was able to check that! So, without further ado, his reply: 
He apologized for the "unfortunate word-play" (well, that's putting it a little mildly in my eyes...), and said that they distance themselves from any such ideas or ideology. They had also already taken consequences (not further explained - did they already have the mag withdrawn everywhere? That would explain why it seems to not be available anymore), and that they were going to publish a statement in their next issue. Well, I'll be very interested to see that, and I hope I can get it!
I'm still wondering how that thing flew by everything, if the publisher has classed this as a no-no too. I mean, this must have been written by someone and certainly been approved by someone else, so at least two people thought this was quite okay? Questions, questions...

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