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Update on my "crusade" - part one!

So, today I got the first serious reply back regarding the article I posted about yesterday here.A chain of higher end fashion stores that operates in several countries, they replied very nicely, saying that of course they couldn't know what's in the free magazines they have at their stores, but of course such an article is indiscutable, and that they are going to remove all issues of this particular magazine from their stores. Well, it's definitely an improvement to what I got yesterday! My letter of complaint is still on the magazine's Facebook page - it really seems they don't give a care on what's being published on their page - or nobody is actually checking it. Well, that says a lot about them too...

On another note, a dress I bought in Vienna two years ago, and that I like very much, has gotten a few comments here, and now I actually know when it is from exactly! This is ever so cool - there really seem to be collectors of this label around. Check it out here:

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