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Just a quick one for the weekend...

If you're interested, I'm now also to be found at Pinterest... still putting my boards together, but I'm getting there:

In case you're looking for a good book on 60s fashion, there's a new one coming out from Jonathan Walford - highly recommendable:

Speaking of 60s... here's a neat new way of doing a fashion show - and it's very, very 60s inspired too:

I've been to Vienna again last week and managed to find a really neat and versatile little ca. early 60s dress:

Just a year before the 60s... in 1959 is the TV series "Magic City" set. SRF 2 TV has started to show it, as usual with the possibility to watch in English. Okay, it looks good at first glance, and Olga Kurylenko is beautiful, but I have spotted so many cringe-inducing costuming errors already... so don't watch it for that. The plot is about a hotel owner in Miami Beach and his tie-ups with the mafia etc. I don't know if I'll keep watching just because of that to be honest... as said, the costuming is shaky. Some of it is quite good, others... all bras, bikini tops etc. are the wrong shape. And there are push-ups involved (grrr), too-skimpy, modern-looking bikinis, wrong shoes... Yes, yes, details, but distracting details! Mad Men isn't error-free either, I give you that, but it's still a lot better than this.

Also in Vienna we came across an excellent gallery, Printa, that lots of interesting things on sale: What we liked most were these wonderful big silk screen art prints, like for example by finnish artist Lotta Nieminen. Check out her illustration work!

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