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Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - No. 11, 16th March

So, back to Meyer's Modeblatt! This and the next issue are actually pretty good when it comes to the "fashion" content! And if you love the 40s, may I suggest you visit me on Pinterest, where I have started a board that pays tribute to forever modern 1940s fashions!
The ensemble on this cover was again some kind of exclusive creation, at least nothing that a sewing pattern was available for. "Elegant deux-pièces for the afternoon" by Léon Fischer, Geneva, hat by Berthe Peney, Geneva.

The fashion
First of all, an article about the renaissance of Viennese fashion. It talks about the fashion that had before the war and the "Anschluss" conquered the world with it's ladylike and amiable style, and which had after the annexation in 1938 become just an extra to Berlin and Munich, and turned all its values on its head. And now, even in the heavily bombed city, seamstresses, fashion boutiques etc. were taking business up again and trying to establish themselves again. The photos show one such workshop and one boutiques and it's new spring offerings. Note the Montblanc sign on the house!

Next up - new fashion trends from Paris. The journalist calls it "the new fashion" and talks about it's constant changes, which happen not just twice a year (sound familiar?). Then she goes on about changing beauty ideals, remembering the time when women "had to be as slim, and yes, flat, as possible" and clearly likes the new feminine ideal. "Today, women are allowed to have hips and breasts again, but your waist should be very slim. Your shoulders can be round and feminine. The nonchalant posture of the "girls" is not fashionable anymore, the Parisian woman with her perfect posture is the ideal again". Furthermore, "flowing, childlike locks are out, at least for women over 25. The new hairstyle is more feminine and lets the face and especially the profile show to advantage." And of course, with an elegant up-do or chignon, your face would really show, so "good facial care is essential, as are earrings or earclips. With clips you have a lot of choice - ceramics, metal, flowers etc., whatever goes with your dress. Fabrics feature broad, very broad stripes, and great contrasts like orange and white or royal blue and white are favoured. Of course, airy imprimés are still in favour too, with small patterns, and in soft pastel colors. Shoulders are round, the sleeves need a lot of fabric if they reach at least to the elbow. They are set in low, like kimono or batwing styles. In summer, we will see next to the normal short chemise sleeve also the barely shoulder-covering komino, or an artfully draped fichu-sleeve. New is a trapeze-shaped neckline, which again adheres to the chapter of the emphasis on the bust. The dresses are so long that the knees are not visible, the shoes come away from the plump, heavy sole, and go back to the slim, high heel (as long as they're not work or sport's shoes). Paris has won..."
Well, need I say more? I'd love to have any of the dresses, shoes or earrings shown on this page!

And then, on to the patterns! Lots of elegant, pretty day dresses for spring, and a whole collection of new suits too!
For the men, there was only the Veillon ad on the last page though - dapper suits for sure!
This'n that
Just some random stuff, as usual. The royal family of Luxemburg holidaying in Wengen, the Colombian consul who was a woman, American women making swimsuits from parachute silk, the head of the American military government in Germany making a short holiday in St. Moritz, English women asking for bigger rations, the Lauberhorn ski race in Wengen... and a pope.
Plus the usual thrifty recipes, short stories, agony aunt letters and small ads... 

This issue wasn't short of great ads though!
Lux soap, making you beautiful and glamourous ("and its popular with men too"!).
All those "wonder cures" to make you beautiful, strong, slim, cure your nerves, whatever... 

Slimming ad
Orbal, why yes, of course it had to be there!
But here's a new one - Diva! A cream that is supposed to make you thinner where you wish. And of course, it's from Paris. Oh dear...

Breast enhancement ad
Yep, Rondoform were at it again, with yet another new ad. Week after week, they found a new slogan, a new angle, whatever. You have to give it to them, they were pretty creative. I wonder who it was who wrote all these ads!

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