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The coat issue

Please excuse the long wait - it's been a bizzy and exciting time in several aspects since my last post. But then I have some really exciting vintage (and new) things to show! Due to my latest finds and the enduring icy cold weather that we have been experiences, I will mainly talk about coats today!

First off, on my new year's trip to Vienna, my friend and I of course scoured the Humana secondhand shops. Nicely enough, they had a lot of winter stuff already at reduced prices, and in a shop that we visited the first time, I found the cutest coat ever. On a rack of winter coats and jackets displaying roughly the trends of the last 20 years, almost hidden between the all those heavy item, lurked a pink light little coat, that definitely had nothing to do with winter! I picked it up right away, though I doubted first a little that I might fit my behind into it since it looked so tiny. But fit it did, and putting it on I really saw what it was - a sweet little 60s spring coat or even a coat dress! It is very well made, with quite a bit of hand finishing. The only label it carries is an Italian one detailing the dry-cleaning methods to be used. And the best thing about it? Being on that rack with winter coats, it was reduced like the other ones too!
Vintage short gloves a second hand hatbox-style bag add vintage flair, plus modern heels to add some pizzazz too!

Beautiful details!

This little coat reminded me so much about Francie doll in her first, oh-so cute and demure outfits, and look! Her Shopping Spree is quite similar!
My next coat find wasn't as inexpensive, but no less exciting - and not much newer either. One of my regular visits to my local Caritas shop yielded this incredible probably late 60s Courrèges rain coat. Let's just say that I had slightly weak knees holding this in my hands! It looked very tiny in the shoulders, but again, it fits! I was never faster running to the next ATM to get the money... and I can safely say there is no other clothes store in this city that I spend as much money per year in than this Caritas shop!

The coat is made of a luxurious, heavy, slightly shimmery cream-colored fabric with a beautiful texture.
The label - Couture Future was one of Courrèges' two Ready to Wear-lines, started in 1967. The A it seems denotes the size. The logo-printed lining leaves no doubt who by this coat is!
Plastic snaps with Courrèges-logo.
The pockets have big zips under the flaps.

Styled with vintage dark brown all-leather Bally boots (also from the same Caritas shop!), vintage NOS dark brown leather handbag and a vintage poly scarf.
And since we're talking coats already, there is of course also no better way to stay warm and stylish in an icy winter like this one! For example: this graceful 1950s winter coat is heavy and has an extra warm lining between the outer fabric and the "nice" inner lining. It has a chic shawl collar, wide sleeves, a nipped-in waist and lovely wide skirt.
Elegant winter booties from Pertti Palmroth's current line, soft black leather gloves from Sauso (Finland), soft black jaquard scarf from Chinese shop.
And if you can't do vintage... go secondhand! My other two winter coats/jackets are stylish secondhand pieces. Even if they are "only" by H&M, they found a new owner and didn't end up in a landfill when their previous owners didn't want them anymore!
Metal and mother of pearl brooch: vintage. Purple scarf (from same Humana shop) and purple knit gloves (Migros) add some color. Vintage Coach handbag, reflecting Bambi hanger from Design Forum Helsinki, "skull" accessory by Sixxa (Vienna), dark jeans by Tally Weijl, classic black Italian riding boot-style leather boots by Passo per Passo.

This cute hanger-style jacket has a little secret... it's a kid's size. No kidding - it's a size 164 H&M Young jacket.
Brooch: vintage. Gloves: Sauso. Boots: Pertti Palmroth (my favourite ones!).I found this great mustard-colored coat by H&M some three years ago in another Caritas shop here in Zurich. Though it's a swing style, it has a bit of shaping around the upper body, which I like. This one was as good as new when I bought it. Maybe someone bought it and realised they'd been more courageous thant they usually are. It's certainly not a piece for those who don't like standing out, but it will also brighten up any dreary winter day!

And to come back to the Caritas shop in my neighbourhood, this shop is a reason why I wouldn't want to move from here. Just a week before finding the Courrèges coat, I found an incredible baby pink wool bouclé suit there. The construction techniques used and the label inside already spoke volumes:

Rosmarie Amacher is probably Zurich's only couturière. She owns her own salon, a ma chère (, where she also sells Haute Couture fabric. Funnily enough, this shop lies between my super-duper dry-cleaner's whom cleans all my vintage things, and one of my old work places.
This beautiful suit hung between a range of normal brand and no-name suits, not even on the "designer" rack that the Caritas shop has, and the price, a mere CHF 75 made me shake my head inwardly. Of course I snapped it up at that price, as it also fits me - but still, it makes me sad to think that such a high-quality piece that was so well made, would be sold for so little. And the reason for that probably was partly also because it didn't bear a well-known name. The people in this city who know who Rosmarie Amacher is are probably few. Either you can afford her clothes, or you're in the fashion business - at least that is my guess. I mean, this suit is of such superior quality than many of the Escada or Prada RTW things on the "designer" rack, but sold for less... Oh well, enough moping, I have a great new suit and had some fun styling it too! Somehow it reminds me a little of the late Princess Diana who wore a lot of those pastel-colored bouclé suits in the mid to late 90s (check out or I'm guessing this suit would roughly be from that time too as I remember this style being popular then.
Boots: Pertti Palmroth, gloves: Clair'es, sunglasses: Nine West, scarf: from Chinese shop. Hat box: vintage Barbie vinyl travel bag.This is it for this cold Sunday afternoon! 'Til soon - and don't forget - wear vintage and have fun with it! (I certainly had fun styling these coats *lol*...)