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Not blogging for the moment...

Yes, I haven't been posting anything for months now. In between somewhere were Christmas, my moving to a new apartment, and unforeseen changes at work (not my job, but a team of people I work close with and who depend on my work). At the moment, I just can't find the time to do much blogging here. However, please check out my Willynillyart's Facebook page , where I currently find it easier to be active, due to shorter posts. You will still find vintage items, the newest things in my shop, the occasional doll post and reviews and comments on exhibitions there!
This also means that I won't continue further with my 1946 Meyer's Modeblatt series for now, as it has just been too time-consuming. However, I am still working through them and will be posting quirky/interesting things on Facebook as well.

See you there soon,