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I've been blogged!

Last year I bought a set of souvenir plates, because one of them was the Vermont plate that matched the pair that I already had.

Now today I got a convo on Etsy from someone asking me for some high-resolution pictures of one of the plates in the set - the one showing the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver. And he also asked on maker's details (interestingly enough, the maker's mark on the back is from a Bavarian company!). It turns out he has a very interesting blog called Illustrated Vancouver, which is just about depictions of Vancouver in all kinds of art, and he had just blogged a series of Vancouver souvenir plates. So, down to the basement I went, searching through two boxes full of stuff ready for the flea markets, to send some photos to Canada. And voilà, it has been blogged already at Now, how cool is that? I find this is such a great idea! The blog has also been featured here. Gee, I love these colorful stickers and pins - anybody who knows me know that this is right up my street!

New -old jewelery

I haven't been blogging much lately - mostly since I was working on my photo albums til last week - I mean the real ones, sticking photos from a good three and a half years into my albums. My budget has also been stretched somewhat due to the investment in folders, photo paper - and photos.

One thing however I did buy - a truly gorgeous pair of 1930's evening shoes with t-straps from My Vintage Cocktail, a VFG member. I never thought I'd ever own something like these. They are wearable, yes, and I am certain I shall have the opportunity some time to wear them - probably to the opera.
Yesterday, I made the short trip to the airport flea market. This is a once-a-year event, and a huge thing. The seller requirements (ex-Swissair employees, airport employees or citizens of Kloten, the town where the airport actually is situated) makes for a unique mix of dealers. Plus, they all sell out of their cars! Basically they park their cars in rows, pop the trunks or back doors open, but up some small tables, maybe a party tent - and there goes your stand! I was amazed at the amount of (modern - no vintage) clothing that was being sold. There wasn't much in the way of airline memorabilia - certainly not as much as one would imagine for such an event - but there were also not many professional dealers - and certainly none of the "usual suspects". However, I didn't find much of the stuff I usually look out for either. However, it was a trip down memory lane to fads and styles of the last 30 years or so. I did however find some fun stuff for my Willy-nillies, like colored French postcards, ca. 1920, or cute coasters.
However, one stand was selling off new old stock jewelery accessories - mostly pretty closures for necklaces, with pearls, rhinestones etc. And I had a flash! The closures were not very expensive, so I bought a few, and got into some jewelery-making yesterday. I have all these pearls, beads and pieces of broken jewelery knocking around here - so why not make some jewelery out of it to sell at the fleamarket in a few weeks? I still have to stock up on a few small things like elastic thread for bracelets and the end-pieces with which to attach the strand to the closure - but that's a fairly small investment. The beads are the most expensive thing needed for this, and I have oodles of them! As usual, once I got started, there was no stopping me - until I ran out of these things *lol*. Based on how the jewelery was flying off our stand last year, I hope the new stuff will have a good run too!


Scarf of the month & the weirdest, funniest vintage garment ever

It is already scarf-time again! This month's scarf, which was neatly wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, is just right for the super warm, sunny weather we are having right now:
I think it would look quite cute with my light late 1940s Eisenberg Suit, which I'm planning on taking on it's first outing tomorrow:
(Don't worry, I've ironed it since - pic was taken with the suit right out of it's packaging when it arrived a few weeks ago.) Been doing all the necessary primping (myself) today. In case one isn't so keen on these things, here is the bathing suit that doesn't require a bikini wax (according to it's current owner): the mink bathing suit! It was posted to the VFG forum before it was listed on Etsy, and caused a lot of very funny remarks there. It certainly wins the prize as the funniest, weirdest vintage garment I've ever laid eyes on! Nobody knows where it really came from or for what it was inteded, but certainly not for bathing. I would just love to have the silly photo it maybe ended up in, with a glam 60s blonde posing in it, for one of my Willy-nillies! Ah, to know whoever had the crazy mind to produce this...