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Just a quick one for the weekend...

If you're interested, I'm now also to be found at Pinterest... still putting my boards together, but I'm getting there:

In case you're looking for a good book on 60s fashion, there's a new one coming out from Jonathan Walford - highly recommendable:

Speaking of 60s... here's a neat new way of doing a fashion show - and it's very, very 60s inspired too:

I've been to Vienna again last week and managed to find a really neat and versatile little ca. early 60s dress:

Just a year before the 60s... in 1959 is the TV series "Magic City" set. SRF 2 TV has started to show it, as usual with the possibility to watch in English. Okay, it looks good at first glance, and Olga Kurylenko is beautiful, but I have spotted so many cringe-inducing costuming errors already... so don't watch it for that. The plot is about a hotel owner in Miami Beach and his tie-ups with the mafia etc. I don't know if I'll keep watching just because of that to be honest... as said, the costuming is shaky. Some of it is quite good, others... all bras, bikini tops etc. are the wrong shape. And there are push-ups involved (grrr), too-skimpy, modern-looking bikinis, wrong shoes... Yes, yes, details, but distracting details! Mad Men isn't error-free either, I give you that, but it's still a lot better than this.

Also in Vienna we came across an excellent gallery, Printa, that lots of interesting things on sale: What we liked most were these wonderful big silk screen art prints, like for example by finnish artist Lotta Nieminen. Check out her illustration work!


Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - No. 10, 9th March

So, here we are again! This week, no designer outfit on the cover, but one by a "Ch. Kohler S.A." from Geneva. Hair piled up high, dress as short as it gets, chunky shoes with big plateau - a typical look of the time just after the war.

The fashion


A pretty bat wing-blouse and sporty short skirt, plenty of practical jackets and skirts for girls, the appropriate wear for communion and something practical to make form wool remains (did they have to hitch the boy's shorts quite so high up?)

At the movies
A Hansel and Gretel film, but with no mention who the actors are. Not even IMdB can tell me which one this could be. Most of the ones found are 1950s or later, there's 2 or 3 entries for 20s or 30s productions, but no further infos or images...

Make it yourself
How to crochet lace for hankies! My grandma loved hankies like these.

Around the world...
One more of those totally random little articles - this time on chameleons. Well, I guess then they would have been something very exotic indeed!

Something we couldn't imagine these days... a story about diabetic children in the UK learning how to give themselves insulin shots - this was a novelty then!

 Random news snippets... Mrs. Roosevelt in Germany, the first post-war carnival in Küsnacht am Rigi (motto: "Echo of the times" and featuring "a certain someone searching his 1000 years-empire with a stable lantern"!), Field Marshal Montgomery in Berne (being celebrated by people), a lady who had been working for 50 years in the same job (can you imagine?), an new portrait of Princess Elizabeth for her 20th anniversary (wearing a "tulle-decorated pink-golden spring dress"... I want to see this in color!), the "typical American housewife", a Mrs. George Lucas from Lafayette, Indiana, who won a competition of the "Home Makers Guild". The prize? Three days in New York! And finally... a sculptress.

Somewhere in America?
This is what this article asks. But no, of course not! All these images were taken in Zurich. Counter-clockwise: the Jelmoli department store (still stands, though there have been a lot of changes, and this is a view of the back side, that I can't find any good photos of), the church community house in Wipkingen (still stands - check it out here, the old stock exchange (still stands - see, the Walche tower (still stands, but I can't find any good actual photos) and the silo in Wipkingen (not sure if this one still stands).

Creme Tokalon - a face cream promising wonders within a week. But be careful, there's a white day-cream and a pink night-cream... whatever!

Something new... hair removal for ladies! One product for the face, one for the body. I'm guessing it's a cream, though they don't say what exactly it is - they just promise it works, and that's the most important thing...

This one is fun... it's telling people instead of making up for all the chocolate they couldn't eat when it was rationed by eating a lot of it now, but rather to buy good quality Tobler chocolate, as this would make up in quality what one had missed in quantity. Duh.
Tobler is the company who invented the Toblerone, of course :-).

Slimming ad
Here's a new one! Redux slimming tablets. Sounds more like a laxative than a slimming aid... oh dear!

Orbal of course had an ad in this issue as well... as always!

Breast enhancement ad
... guess what! Of course, it's Rondoform! Once more extolling all their scientifically proven blah-blah... this time even with a picture of some scientist. They never give up, do they?