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Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - No. 9, 2nd March

Too long no write, I know. Too much work, too much else happening, to make things short. However, before I'll be off again, I'm posting the next issue of Meyer's Modeblatt. This one is pretty ad-tastic with a lot of wellknown brands of today cropping up. And once I'm back I hope to be blogging more regularly again!

On the cover: a lovely cocktail dress with ruched skirt by Marcel Rochas.

An impressive shot from ski touring in the Churfirsten mountains, and a humourus article on how to make one's husband remember one's birthday.
Just an image insert for distraction in a short story: embroidery from Appenzell that looks like painted. The ladies look decidedly 18th century, but there is no info sadly if these were new embroideries from the 40s, or antique ones.

The fashion
Elegant from head to toe! Pretty day dresses, ensembles and suits, and the latest on hat and shoe fashions from Paris.
Look at these amazing shoes! The auther talks about all the interest being in the sole right now, but confesses that for evening looks, she still prefers light, classic pumps with a slender high heel.

Simple but chic! Loads of pretty, easy-to-make day dresses for all figures and sizes. Just look at those hemlines, the are just so short of showing the knees!

Hollywood dreams
Introducing Ingrid Bergmann...

Make it yourself
A crotchet bath mat. Oh well...
And for a bit distraction... build your own cardboard traditional Grisons house!

This 'n that
At the top: Veronica Lake on her skiing holiday in St. Moritz (I think she looks great - but completely unglamourous), and Rosita Serano in Wengen. At the bottom: "Beauty Day" in Zurich, organised by an "Association for beauty care" - whatever that was! On the right: the (still existing) puppet theatre in Zurich.

Cooking tips for lent - fish of course (like the traditional à la meunière), but also a deep-fried dessert - typical, but guaranteed to have lots of calories ;-).

An ad for Aronal tooth paste - still available today, and still produced by Gaba. According to company history, Aronal was introduced in 1944 - who would have thought! But the company itself beats all else - they go back 1638, with the founding of a pharmacy. Fascinating!
No introduction necessary - Kellogg's Corn Flakes! It says at the bottom that they are available again - and without coupons too.
An offer to exchange one's old woolen things for new woolen fabrics by Ackermann in Entlebuch. I think this is what is today the Ackermann mail-order company - the used to be based in Entlebuch until a few years ago.
On the backside: an ad by the Charles Veillon mail-order company, with suits and dresses for communion and confirmation. It even explains how the whole mail-order process works. And yes, the company still exists too! I have one of their catalogs from 1949 in my collection.

Slimming ad
Orbal - again, of course!

Breast enhancement ad

Yes, it's the weekly horror story by Rondoform, this time about "underdeveloped and slack breasts". I'm amazed how they managed to write something at least half new every week! Someone invested a lot of energy and advertising money here...