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Scarf of the month, Oscar rag and more....

So, late to the party... but anyway. My comments on the Oscars... what can I say? Good show, but somehow it's not one that will stay in my mind - it just didn't stand out. Great dresses, but no ultimate standout (neither good or bad), good presentation but nothing that stood out either... On that point: Anne Hathaway certainly is super cute and talented, but I would have wished her to have a better partner - and one with more charisma! It seemed to me that James Franco was just standing there and reading off the teleprompter. My suggestion: let Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway do it together next year *g*. After all, their little "story" ain't finished yet, what with how she poked him in her little song-and-dance interlude. I certainly had a good laugh about that! Otherwise laughing had me Kirk Douglas. Hard to understand, yes, but he just about stole the show. Also adore Dame Helen Mirren - her dress choices are always impeccable, and in general she always looks so much better than many of her much younger colleagues. Her presentation was great too - and her French accent so impeccable (as it happens, I have ITV on right now and just saw her on some morning show - adore her even more now!) . Also adored Sandra Bullock's dress - and her presentation too. It just showed that even if you have a given text that comes off a teleprompter, if you've got what it takes, you can make it sound so much more personal - and utterly more believable and natural. Kevin Spacey floored me too - couldn't he have sung a little more *g*? I have an inkling he'd be a great choice to present the show too. On a last note - THAT vintage 1950s Charles James dress that Marisa Tomei wore! I adore it, though the dress would have earned more glamourous make-up and hair. Not that I'm saying Marisa's not beautiful - I find she's a very beautiful person - but a dress like that needs a bit more "ooomph". Still, kudos to her for wearing it!

On another note, here's something I've been wanting to show for some time. While surfing etsy some time ago, I came across this incredible custom-made cocktail dress, which resulted in my having a massive déjà-vu! Back when I was a kid, there was a line of Barbie dresses each year that had just some "party"-name. Basically, it was short party or cocktail dresses, from the over-the-top to the classy. In the US they were mostly called "Dinner Date Fashions" - though I don't think anybody in reality would have worn them just to a dinner date - they were definitely mostly more glamourous and party-like. And there was one dress that certainly looks almost identical to this one! This is ca. 1991:
Sadly, I don't have it, but I have the one on the right to it in the pic. I just wondered for the moment if this was an accident or maybe if this designer had taken her inspiration from Barbie?

It has of course also been time for another scarf to be unwrapped. This time, it's a light mixture of milk coffee and and sunny yellow, perfect for the approaching spring:
Being out shopping yesterday, it certainly was clear that spring was everywhere - at least when it comes to fashion. Took a short peak into H&M - bought a few cute earrings and got a "H&M Magazine". Not that it is a great revelation. As for the current trends they're showing big-time, it's nothing that I feel like wearing. All too pastel-y, preppy, has been there before... That boho-hippie-70s rock chic-look is not exactly my favourite vintage look, and I have already been through one hippie revival before, thank you. And high-waisted jeans? Not for me either. And that 80s to early 90s-revival with washed-out jeans? To be honest, those "soft colors" are not my "thing" either, as well as those carrot shaped pants. And "romantic" cropped crotcheted tops? Gee, I had that 15 years ago. Ok, I have that romantic lace-edged shift that I showed last time - but I know I will combine it with popping colors or black, not with with more soft colors. Look at that shot of me ca. 1994 - just the colors remind me of what I saw in H&M yesterday:
Not something I want to revisit. As for all the flower prints - it's ok if they're on black background, but please not on beige, off-white or light blue, and please not that mille fleurs-tiny print. Been there, done it, don't want to do it again. I had already seen so much in that vain last year in Australia and in New Zealand. I walked into some shops and thought I had walked into a catalog from my teens. I do like rose or flower prints, but all the items I have bought since are on a black background, which is ok with me, like my skater dress from Sports Girl, which still remains a favourite and it's also not so small printed), or the overall from POP that I just bought:

On another note, the magazine also features an article about individual style - citing people like Lady Gaga, Anna Piaggi or Anna Dello Russo. As much as I like the idea of individual style, it's easy to cite celebs or well-known bloggers who have endless resources to buy and wear out-of-this-world things. Couldn't they have shown some more "normal" people who do unusual styles? I mean, the above-mentioned people are all over the fashion mags and blogs anyway - no getting away from them! Or they could have been shown how their clothes could be customized combined in an unusual way for example? Ok, there is one shot that shows a pair of cut-off leather pants and a jacket customized with safety pins, but the comment is written in such tiny letters that most people probably won't see it.
There's also an article on vintage fashion in the mag - that too, nice idea, but... yes, they mention VFG member Posh Girl Vintage, but they certainly could have mentioned among the online resources for example Etsy, and not just Ebay, or even the VFG, which is such a great resource on anything vintage... I just got the sinking feeling that this was another fast but not over thoroughly researched article to jump on the bus before it's gone. Ok, it certainly is good to bring it to the brains of the "normal" H&M-shoppers, but I would certainly have liked to see it better written - and with more pictures of actual vintage fashion.

Speaking of overalls (or playsuits or rompers as they were called in another time), they too seem to be a trend this year - and one that I do like. *g* I recently bought this super cute little 50s playsuit from Miss Martys vintage (sorry - can't really but it on my manni):
Had to take it in on the top a lil' bit, but at the bottom it fits nicely, it's also easy to wash & iron - perfect for summer! All it needs is a broad black belt like the one I showed in my last post with the white lacy dress. And then I found the sweet little overall that I already showed above, which is pretty much the same shape from the waist down, with relatively wide legs. Still fits nicely though.

While shopping for a birthday present, I also hit the big bookstore - Orell Füssli. They recently closed their Krauthammer store - a bookshop specialising in art, design, architecture etc. that they had bought up a few years ago. Now their main shop has a Krauthammer department. That may sound nice, but it's too bad that the big specialised store is gone which of course has the even better selection. Browsed through some interesting and beautiful books, but still... it's wayyy too small! Looks great, but if you look at the actual selection - it's pretty small! On a positive note, they featured both shoe books by Jonathan Walford prominently - though in the German translation.

From my new year's trip to Vienna, I had also brought this cute kelly green 1970s dress - just right for St. Patrick's Day:
It's home sewn, and not overly expertly at that, but still, it's sweet. And it has an even sweeter secret underneath, on it's lining:Anyway, it needed a new zip and it had one small hole. This is the kind of work that I like to do in front of the TV - ripping out a 50cm zip that was sewn in by machine is not something you do in 2 minutes, and basting the new one in and sewing the lining back on to it by hand isn't either. Ok, can't do it watching a movie, but for watching some documentary or crime drama, that's just fine by me *g*. Now, it only needs to go to the dry cleanears' and it will be as good as new!

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