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Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - a year in fashion and more

I was looking for vintage sewing patterns recently on a Swiss auction website. I admit, I rarely do, because usually there isn't any vintage to be found there. Well, this one time I hit the jackpot...
Don't they look fab?
They were neatly piled between these cardboard covers that it seems one could buy to keep the mags together. The magazines are from 1946, but the cover is from 1940, with a suitably patriotic picture on it, which is typical for the time.

Meyer's Modeblatt was a weekly magazine for the housewife, that could be subscribed to: a bit of trivia, a bit of news from around the world (no politics though!), short stories, a serial novel, Hollywood movies sewing and knitting patterns and other projects to make, recipes and other household tips. Plus a lot of ads, from the stylish to the weird. I wouldn't quite call it a fashion magazine like we usually think of it, but there certainly was a focus on fashion. Meyer's published sewing patterns that could be bought in shops or ordered by mail, and they also offered sewing courses. It seems to me that the magazine was used in a big way to make publicity for the sewing pattern. Every four weeks, a sheet with sewing patterns was included in the magazine, which incuded some of the patterns shown in the mags, of course only in one size.

Just leafing through the mag, I have already found some categories that I think it will be worth keeping an eye on, as they keep creeping up:
- Interesting fashion
- World news
- History in the making
- Keep it patriotic!
- Hollywood movie
- Slimming product ad (even in Switzerland, there was still rationing going on in '46 - you'd think women had other things to worry about than that!).
- Bust enhancing product ad (no kidding - these are surprisingly abundant too - and we thought it's just in the last few decades that we were fixated on breast enhancement/enlargement...)
- Ad-tastic: weird, funny, whatever...

Okay, the first issue will not be able to live up to all of these, but you just wait!

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