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Vintage travels

I know - long time no post. Well, I've been away on business quite a bit and occasionally I take holidays too - and the shop wants to be "fed" as well. But anyway, if you're looking for exciting vintage patterns, the good news is, I have recently been listing a load!

I have just listed all of the 60s patterns currently in my stock, which is reflected in my shop's main page. My long business trip took me to wonderful Tasmania for the first time, which I really loved. So much great scenery - and of course, cute critters too!
Wineglass Bay Lookout - Freycinet National Park
Hungry Tassie Devil

But Tasmania is also a great hunting ground for vintage and antiques! And thanks to my wonderful escort, Rosemary, who likes to do a bit of antique hunting herself, we stopped by a few Vinnies, Red Cross and other stores along the way in Swansea and Launceston (and I swear, every bigger town has at least one thrift shop!). In historic Campbell Town we happily trawled a lovely antique shop and the local church's thrift. The result of all of this? Some glorious 60s patterns, all of which are listed now!
So, if you get to go Downunder, make sure you go to Tasmania as well and take your time hunting for some vintage or antiques!

On my way home I also made a very short stopover in Melbourne - just enough to repack my stuff well, have a look in on the excellent National Gallery of Victoria, which I missed the last time, have a coffee and a croissant at a lovely bakery in one of the laneways (now if you're in Melbourne and haven't pottered around these for a bit, then you really haven't been there! Need a guide? These ladies do a fabulous job: Hidden Secrets Tours). And of course I looked in at Circa Vintage, the wonderful shop of fellow VFG member Nicole Jenkins. I visited here shop (still in Fitzroy then) the last time I'd been in Melbourne - and now again. How amazing. It's just wonderful to get to talk to someone about vintage in person for a change, and to look at some of her utterly amazing stock! What I didn't do though, for all of our being caught up talking, looking at stuff etc. - take one photo of us or the shop. I did take a photo though of Mitchell House, where Circal Vintage is located - now isn't that just the perfect setting? I just goggled for a moment, as I walked up there. This is just so fabulous!
What I did do though was shop. Yes. Of course! There was just that much space left in my suitcase!
This cute 50s cotton gingham blouse and skirt set is by Melbourne maker Merri Maker, and it was unworn. The little loose-fitting blouse is just what I like for hot summer days and it looks great with a pair of black capris. The skirt is ultra-tiny, but since it has a a bit of an A-line shape, I have started working on it to make it fit...
And then, there's this gorgeous dark blue-purble 40s slip with a side zip, that can be perfectly worn on it's own as a dress! It just needed to have the straps taken in a bit. Photos of me wearing it will follow some time.

And if you want more inspiration on wearing vintage and mixing it with modern, I've started an album on my Facebook page where I'll keep uploading photos of me just having some Vintage Fun!

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