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Scarf of the month & the weirdest, funniest vintage garment ever

It is already scarf-time again! This month's scarf, which was neatly wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, is just right for the super warm, sunny weather we are having right now:
I think it would look quite cute with my light late 1940s Eisenberg Suit, which I'm planning on taking on it's first outing tomorrow:
(Don't worry, I've ironed it since - pic was taken with the suit right out of it's packaging when it arrived a few weeks ago.) Been doing all the necessary primping (myself) today. In case one isn't so keen on these things, here is the bathing suit that doesn't require a bikini wax (according to it's current owner): the mink bathing suit! It was posted to the VFG forum before it was listed on Etsy, and caused a lot of very funny remarks there. It certainly wins the prize as the funniest, weirdest vintage garment I've ever laid eyes on! Nobody knows where it really came from or for what it was inteded, but certainly not for bathing. I would just love to have the silly photo it maybe ended up in, with a glam 60s blonde posing in it, for one of my Willy-nillies! Ah, to know whoever had the crazy mind to produce this...

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