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I've been blogged!

Last year I bought a set of souvenir plates, because one of them was the Vermont plate that matched the pair that I already had.

Now today I got a convo on Etsy from someone asking me for some high-resolution pictures of one of the plates in the set - the one showing the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver. And he also asked on maker's details (interestingly enough, the maker's mark on the back is from a Bavarian company!). It turns out he has a very interesting blog called Illustrated Vancouver, which is just about depictions of Vancouver in all kinds of art, and he had just blogged a series of Vancouver souvenir plates. So, down to the basement I went, searching through two boxes full of stuff ready for the flea markets, to send some photos to Canada. And voilà, it has been blogged already at Now, how cool is that? I find this is such a great idea! The blog has also been featured here. Gee, I love these colorful stickers and pins - anybody who knows me know that this is right up my street!

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