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Cut 'n slash your t-shirt for a hot day!

This is just the ticket for hot and humid days - a loose-fitting cotton top with a too-cool-to-leave-it-there motif! When I found it though, at the Caritas shop, this was a large-sized T-shirt, ca. early 90s, decorated with rhinestones and sequins that all still looked good.

Loose-fitting is good, but a bit of shape is still needed. It was definitely too big as was, but I didn't want to do anything to the motif either. The solution? I got my scissors out! Basically, I shortened the sleeves and made a band from the cut-off sections. At the back, I cut slits to thread the band through, giving it a slight peplum effect and bringing it into shape at the waist. Thanks to that, nothing else needed to be done.
 Capris: H&M, shoes: Charles & Keith.

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