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Something new on my kitchen wall... and I've been blogged again!

Now, for something different than the last few days! Something really cool actually: I've been asked if I'd submit some photos of my personal styles wearing vintage to Louise's Personal Fashion Blog. We know eachother from the VFG Forum (wherelse?), and she has a "Stylish Ladies" section, to which I'm the first addtion - see it here: Thank you so much for including me!

And... something's changed on my kitchen wall...
I've replaced the page of ads from then 1926 "Le Petit Eco de la Mode" on the right with a this October-November 1939 cover of Harber's Bazaar. I saw this in a book and found a website that sells photo prints of it, so I ordered one. It's just so incredibly chic and modern - that short raincoat, timeless handbag (Gucci? it seems to have a bamboo handle) and the fairly short and slender skirt. The Paris opera in the background, and two sailors, cigarettes in their mouths' corners, looking appreciatively at the model (or rather her legs *g*). I just like it - it's so positive, even though these weren't happy times. Funny enough, the Coke ad in the middle is just ten years later, from 1949, and shows a New Look-like style in the middle - it shows nicely how styles changed completely between those years.

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