Trying to put my thoughts & ideas down somewhere and give another outlet to my creativity. It's all connected, so I can't say it's a blog about just this or just that. Dolls. Fashion. Art. A little bit on travel, whatever... let's take it wherever it goes...


Coming soon...

After a day of wiggling around in a true 1950s wiggle skirt and high heels (no, not very practical, but looks good & gives me a kick every time I wear it!), I came home to find that new stock for my Etsy shop had arrived - yeah! I have realised I need to re-stock vintage sewing patterns, since they seem to be in good demand, and just happened to come across some nice ones. So, coming to my Etsy shop soon: lots of chic 50s to 70s patterns, most of them in not-too-small sizes!

As you may know, I occasionally also blog in a professional capacity. My latest epistle has just been published and can be read here: (sorry, German only). Yes, we are turning quite social media-active! I admit, it's fun and it's pretty easy since we have a dedicated team taking care of this stuff, we don't have to wait around long anymore for things to happen. My next entry should be coming up soon as well!

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