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Exhibtion roundup - Paris & St. Gallen

Before they're all over again, I guess I should make a quick round-up of great exhibitions I've seen lately or will hopefully see soon!

La mécanique des dessous, Musée des arts décoratifs, Paris
One more gorgeous fashion exhibtion by this museum! The focus is on the workings of undergarments that will shape your body in one way or another. It starts with a few pieces of the 16th century and then goes right through to modern times. Modern reproductions show how they work "mecanically". Lots of things I've never seen before anywhere else. There's also a big book, but it's in French only and there's a lot of text to read, so buying it is I think only worth it if your French is good enough to understand all those technical terms.

Azzedine Alaïa, Palais Galliera, Paris
The Galliera is the fashion museum of the city of Paris, which only opens for special exhibition, there is no constant collection on show. This one was well worth the money. I wasn't overly familiar with Alaïa before, and I did not like everything there, but it was well presented, nothing behind glass, the incredible Haute Couture workmanship was well visible - and there were some outfits worn by the likes of Tina Turner and Grace Jones in there as well!

Virgule, etc., Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Just a hop, skip and jump across the road from the magnificent Palais Galliera is the modernistic Palais de Tokyo. It's currently under renovation and doesn't look very inviting, but this exhbition is free and every shoe lover's dream! On show are about 140 shoe and boot designs by Roger Vivier from the 1930s til today. Ok, the modern stuff isn't too exciting in my view, but the vintage designs are mind-blowing. Those delicate, elegant, sequinned evening shoes he did for Dior are the most amazing shoes I've ever seen!

Jordaens 1593-1678 La gloire d'Anvers, Petit Palais, Paris
Something for the art fans out there. Though he never made it to quite the fame (at least today) as his contemporaries like van Dyck or Rubens, this Flemish painter was in his time just as well-known, and there are a lot of great paintings by him to be seen. What I found even more impressive though were his drawings and sketches - these quickly, but so accurately drawn pictures are absolute masterpieces!

St. Gallen
Lisbeth & Robert J. Schläpfer Textile Innovationen 1965-1995, Textilmuseum, St. Gallen
This one I have to see yet but I am sure it's a excellent as all the other exhibition I've seen at this museum so far. Companies like Schläpfer and Forster Rohner took the textile production in St. Gallen, that started with linen and came to the famous lace, to a whole new level. Their amazing machine-made embroidered, lacey and otherwise unsual fabrics are what you see on Paris runways. Schläpfer specialised in embroideries with sequins, Swarovski crystals and such. This exibition shows what incredible innovations and ideas they came up with under the aegis of Lisbeth and Robert Schläpfer. There should also be dresses on view that were made by their in-house seamstress to showcase their fabrics.

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