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Meyer's Modeblatt 1946 - No. 13, 30th March

So, back again with a "new" issue! Here they promote a "pretty dress for the first spring ride" with a very wide skirt. Dress by Jeanne Lafaurie, made from fabric by Strub of Zurich. Jeanne Lafaurie was a couturière in Paris, according to Wikipedia, and André Courrèges once worked there! Note the shoes as well - they're pretty timeless, aren't they?

The fashion
Practical spring dresses for girls every age!
Spring chic for the ladies... (that one in the middle actually had a top with wide straps underneath that bolero)
... and "men love handknitted things"... but do they have to pull their pants over it? Oh dear! Plus some suits and a coat for the ladies. Love the coat!

Make it yourself
A leather cover for your desk!

This'n that
A typical story of the day - English women who married Canadian servicemen. The farmer's wife on the right was an office worker before she married it says. Talk about change! But nice that they show her in her no-nonsense practical outfit with pants. I wonder where they got these stories from...

Something about a Swiss theater actress, Rita Liechti - instead of the usual Hollywood story. She studied at the famous Reinhart Seminar in Vienna and worked in some well-known films as well (unfortunately, I haven't seen any of them...).

The usual "mixed page". The Norwegian royal family at the Holmenkollen ski race, a women celebrating her 60th year working in the same company (can you imagine that?), a Swiss skript writer and the famous Basel Fasnacht (carnival) where the singers with had free hand again with their biting ditties. Now there's a tradition that hasn't changed! The bigger piece talks about Sonja Henie, the Norwegian figure skating champion who went on to have a professional career in the US. This talks all about her getting a divorce and being seen with a new man soon after.

First two that need no introduction!

One more of those clever marketing ploys... this half page that looks like a receipe column is in fact just an ad for Helvetia-products! Seems a strange mixture of products though - mustard, puddings, baking powder, vanilla sugar, teas and spices.

Another nice ad page, again with the Bell ad we've seen before. Also always popular - ads for all kinds of products to soothe your nerves or to help you to more energy. And - there's an Enka ad - this is a washing powder that is still available! Here's it's called a bleaching and anti-stain product, to "add to your soap water". Nowadays it's marketed just as an anti-stain product.

Gold watches as an Easter gift. It says "extra inexpensive" here, but the 158 Francs for a gold-plated watch would have been a hefty sum!

I talked about the Ovaltine-like product Forsanose last time. Now in this issue, there were two more products much like this being advertised! There's Nagomaltor which claims it's vitamin content is under control by the Basel University, whilst Isomalt claims to be the right thing for the "indefatigable housewife". 

Slimming ad
Yes, you might have already spied it above... Redux pills are back in this issue. Talking about how easy they're to use - just swallow one or two before going to bed and it works it's "magic". Duh...
Orbal of course had their usual ad too. They must have paid for a year in advance or something!

Breast-enhancement product
Yes, you guessed it, indefatigable Rondoform! And they had a new claim - "successful for years". It also talks about how its extracts (hormones - now in parentheses) "fill empty cells". Ugh!

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