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Belle Epoque Week in Kandersteg

I already mentioned this in my last Belle Epoque blog post, and it's happening and here's more of it: the Belle Epoque Week in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

They do this every year in winter, for a full week, everybody dresses up in the style of the early 1900s, and there are balls, dinners, train journeys (in old carriages of course), sports like ice skating, ski races, curling and ice hockey - and much more, all done in the style of the time. Like many small mountain villages in Switzerland, Kandersteg grew as traveling became the thing to do, and has beautiful old hotels that are built in that period and that provide a perfect background for this event.

Here's a short film from a Swiss TV news magazine in which you can see a bit more: (sorry, it's all in Swiss German ;-) ).

There's also a little more info on the event in general here:

Isn't this just amazing? I so admire all these people, who do this, and especially those who even make their own stylish outfits (like the lady in the white cape who is being interviewed in this film who happens to be a school friend of my mothers', and she sends here photos of the outfits she makes every year. They never cease to amaze me!).

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