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Vintage coincidences happen...

So I happen to have this vintage 1982 German Vogue issue. I am not the greatest fan of 80s fashion, but it had both good and bad, and this magazine actually had mostly good things in it. I was recently looking through this again. Due to my ever growing collection of vintage sewing and fashion magazines, I have been asking myself which ones I really want to keep. As with all collecting, tastes evolve, at the beginning, one takes on everything, until one finds "better" or more appealing things, and the the sorting out of what one really likes starts!
But this is definitely a keeper for a few reasons. There are few "career woman" fashion stories, there's some Chanel, boots (my mania!) and other things. The cover girl is actually designer Jil Sander!
At the end, there's a big story on ski and après ski fashion etc, as this was the October 1982 issue, and of course you had to prepare for this early enough! Well, one thing caught my eye... this distinctive Krizia sweater, which had a matching reversible cape with the same knit design on one side and as lined in silk on the other, caught my eye. The little plissée skirt and the boots (by Andrea Pfister) were by Krizia as well. It caught my eye because...

... this rather unusual sweater is available in the shop of one of my fellow VFG members, CarlaAndCarla:

Now, isn't this just am amazing coincidence? It's just such a fun design which is quite versatile. I actually like both ideas of styling it - either with the little skater-style skirt and the high boots, or rocking it with a black leather skirt!

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  1. I love this, What a great coincidence! Thank you for linking my shop!