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Tales from the bottom of my wardrobe...

Long time no write - I know. It has been time to let some creative juices flow. Can't post any pics now, but I will as soon as I can ;-).

But here's the thing that I have been thinking about... Do you have that too? Clothes that seem to have been in your wardrobe forever... and suddenly you look at them and realize how old you are? Oh dear....!

My prime example are a pair of jeans... or what is left of them.
Thinking back - they actually tell a story - how I grew, what I liked, and how I changed - not just physically.

I got them on our first trip to Australia - wayyyy back in 1991. They were a woman's size and quite too big first. I don't have any really good photos of me wearing them downunder, but you can just see I had to roll them up quite a bit. They were the usual early 90s, slightly carrot-y shape with a high waist. No matter how much too big they were first, I adored them. By '92 on a trip to Venice, they were still too long, but a year later I had finally grown into them, lengthwise and otherwise as the last two pics show (they must have been taken just a few weeks apart from eachother). And you can actually see my hairstyle progressing as they grew longer! Ow, and remember those plastic dummies? I had to have the biggest one of course, even though I hadn't the faintest idea where that trend had come from! I didn't even know what Techno was - duh. As the t-shirt shows, by that time I had started my Beatles-phase by then. I remember, they were quite tight by that time, not the least in the waist, but I thought that as-tight-as-you-possibly-can-wear-them-jeans were the way to go... And cinching my waist with a belt even further. The last pic also shows another thing we probably consider a fashion crime these days... those body suits. I was the queen of them - I must have had tons!

That just reminds me - that Minnie Mouse sweater turns up on a few pictures too. A remnant from my "purple phase". Funny- I have lately been buying a lot of purple clothes again, though I prefer a darker shade these days.

Two years later, I had cut the jeans off. Why? Our annual end-of-the-year-party at secondary school. The first year I had happily gone there wearing my old neon-colored stuff that of course I hadn't realized had been sooo over... So the next year (end of '93) I wanted to do super trendy... which ended in my cutting these jeans off. I had just got my first bellbottoms, and these "carrots" were suddenly as out of fashion as they could be. So I cut them short and wore them with black opaque tights and a black top (body suit, of course!). Although they weren't exactly Daisy Dukes, they caused a mild scandal - judging on my class mates' reactions. With hindsight, it was maybe also simple jealousy - or a way of hiding admiration, since it was generally known that I was NOT cool or particularly popular. Such reactions to my clothing were common then - not that it put me off wearing whatever I liked... Can't say I'm still proud of everything I though was cool then *lol*, but at least I didn't give up - and never cared if my behind might look big in something or whatever... ah, those were the times!!!

Sadly, no pic exists from that party, but some of me goofing around in my cut-offs the next summer. Note the Peace-pendant (I was into my "hippie"-phase by then), the Cleveland Indians cap in the back and the Beatles and Kevin Costner posters in the background. And the Barbie collector dolls - this was at the very beginning of my collecting Barbie dolls. I have neither of these two dolls any more...

Funnily enough, those jeans that were once so tight... not only still fit me, but they're not as tight as they used to be... No kidding! Well, maybe they just gave in after all the washing. Cutting off the top of them came later still, but they come still so high up in the waist that nowadays I ask myself, how could possibly have worn them in the first! Why do I still have them? Duh. Can't even say. I just wear them 'round the house in summer or at most to go to the supermarket around the corner (parading my cellulite around is not what I usually do except when wearing a bikini *lol*). They just stay as long as they hold up... the leatherette inserts have long lost their "leather" look though, but who cares ;-).

I just keep 'em. Maybe because I remember the happy times when I wore them every week. I have things in my wardrobe that I've been about to throw away more often, I admit. But more about that another time...

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